About Our English Language Service

Our primary target clients are adult learners * (18 or above) although we also offer a service to companies or organizations. Basic English ability and computer literacy (for example being able to read the English version of this website and to use our web-based system) are assumed.

Proofreading & Editing of English Writing

We provide an online English proofreading and editing service for various forms of writing, such as application letters, statements of purpose (also called personal statements), speech scripts, project proposals and reports, business or formal letters, publicity leaflets and brochures or newsletters and even web pages. All submitted writings will be proofread and edited by a native speaker of English (either British or North American) who have received higher education from accredited universities. Grammatical and spelling errors will be checked first. The sentence structure and words of choice will be corrected afterwards. Comments will be given in the respective lines of the document when it is appropriate.

 Forms of English Writing for Proofreading & Editing
Studentscourse project reports, job application letters, statements of purpose (graduate school essays), research papers, dissertations, grant proposals and presentation scripts
Postgraduates or Researchers
Working Peopleformal letters, speech scripts and children's school application materials
Non-Profit Organisationsbusiness letters, publicity leaflets, brochures or newsletters, marketing e-mails, web pages, press releases, meeting agendas and minutes, product application notes, catalogues and user manuals

Please note that we DO NOT provide writing services. Specifically, we WILL NOT write essays for students. Our English proofreading and editing service is to help improve the quality of the written English of the submitted documents from our clients.

The goal of our English service is not to offer a qualification but to offer a convenient way (relatively anonymously) to improve a person's English language ability. So, most of our expected customers already have academic qualifications or they are going to obtain a degree or other post-secondary qualifications. Nevertheless, we do not want to give our customers any illusion that their English language ability would have great improvement quickly after using our service. It would be a lie which may be very attractive outwardly (and sadly such situations are commonplace as in many advertisements). We believe there is no shortcut in language learning. It requires continual hard effort by the learners. We play more of a facilitating role.

English Voice Conversation

We also provide live interactive English conversation at a fairly inexpensive price. Such conversations would help our clients to build up confidence in speaking English and in particular in speaking to a native speaker of English. Apart from building their confidence, their spoken English would also be improved by speaking more often to a native speaker. We consider it would help build students' spoken language ability to prepare for the oral English part of IELTS. However, the voice conversation must be based on a piece of writing by the person. It can be on any sensible topic. Our English Language Advisor would discuss what other appropriate words or phrases and in what ways to describe the topic. Our English Language Advisor can be reached through free VoIP for example Google Talk, Skype, Yahoo Messenger and Windows MSN at the pre-arranged time. Customers can also call to our landline in the UK if they are willing to pay the cost of the international calls themselves.

Our Customers

At this stage, we mainly serve customers in Hong Kong. However, if you are outside Hong Kong but you manage to make the payment to our Hong Kong bank account, we may consider providing you with the same service. For those who can pay in Pounds Sterling (GBP), please contact our customer service team (lang.service at wislant.com.hk) for enquiry about the payment method.

Letter of Proofreading by a Native English Speaker

For those who write academic papers for submission to international journals or periodicals, which need proofreading by a native speaker of English, we may offer a letter of testimony that the papers have been proofread by a native speaker before submission. However, we do charge an extra cost for such letters of testimony. Please contact our customer service team if you need such letters.

Future Plan

At this stage, we do not offer English classes in Hong Kong though we may try to expand to include such a service in the long-term future depending on the need and the economic situation. Please feel free to give us feedback or suggestions when you use our English language service. We will collect the statistics to help us plan ahead.

We are considering to the development of a similar web-based system with an online English language service open to all people who have basic English ability and computer literacy. Such a system will provide a partially free service while the premium value added services will require payment.

* Although our English language service is not open to learners below 18, parents (as adult learners) are welcome to use our service with the working people rate. We believe our current service (under limited resources) would make an effective impact on children's English language ability with parents possessing a better English language ability.