29 January 2010
Words in the News released as an English language learning tool for free

Wislant is pleased to announce a free information service, called Words in the News, or WitNews for short, available at:

Based on various sources, lists of key words and summary sentences of worldwide news are compiled. News information is mainly based on online BBC News, news reports by local broadcasting organizations in Hong Kong (namely ATV, RTHK and TVB) and a local Chinese newspaper Mingpao. Reference books, including Oxford, Cambridge and Longman dictionaries are consulted to make sure the compiled information is correct, in particular the English language aspect. Interested readers can directly obtain further information from relevant web pages through the hyperlinks embedded in the key words and the summary sentences. Apart from the text form, the key words and summary sentences are read aloud by a native English speaker. Audio files are to be available in common formats such as MP3 and flash.

In line with Wislant's knowledge dissemination mission, such a free information service serves as a useful tool for English language learning and building up one's vocabulary. Besides, it also helps a learner keep abreast of important things happening around the world. We consider that it would help build up one's international horizon. A revised version will be developed after the current trial.

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