Anticipating possible growth in demand for our English language service, we expect to expand our company in the future. If you are a native English speaker who has received higher education and you embrace the values of our company and of the co-founders, you are welcome to contact us to enquire about the possibility of joining our English language service team. No physical relocation to Hong Kong is needed at the moment. In fact, working from home is possible with simply an internet-connected computer. Please use the following form to make your enquiry.

If you are a person with professional knowledge and qualifications (e.g. in computer science or information engineering) and you embrace our values, you are also welcome to contact us if you are interested in contributing your talents and abilities through our company.


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To respect your privacy, all personal data you provide will be treated in confidence and with great care. The data will be used only for recruitment purposes or employment-related matters.

Membership System

We expect to establish a membership system in the future probably within a year. Each member will be given a free e-mail account and the free access to our online archived resources. There would also be discounts for members using various services offered by Wislant. If you are interested to know more about it at this stage, you can leave your contact details for us in the Contact Us page.