Founding Team

The Co-Founders

Sang Lam

Sang studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering in The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) where he became a Christian during his undergraduate studies. During those years in HKUST, he was exposed to numerous real-life stories and ideas about starting up in business especially in high-tech areas. Besides which, he also gained enlightenment about entrepreneurship from his former research supervisor Professor Mansun Chan. While he was working as a research assistant at HKUST, he also studied postgraduate Physics. He later joined what was then a newly-founded Christian secondary school in Tung Chung on Lantau Island in the year of the SARS outbreak in Hong Kong. Being one of the founding teachers of the secondary school, it came to his mind to set up a knowledge-based company. The vague idea of "Wislant" was conceived then, when he resigned from the school. The idea was not followed up on but remained somewhere in his mind and he went to the UK to pursue doctoral studies in Physics at the University of Sheffield. While enjoying the tranquillity of Sheffield, various ideas from science to business came to his mind again. On recognizing the language talents of Tim Foulstone whilst attending Sheffield Chinese Christian Church for three years, the feeling became intense in his heart that he should explore the setting up a company which starts by offering English language services. Coincidentally, Vincent Lo, a good Christian friend of his also had some thoughts about setting up a web-based company and Vincent has well-rounded experience and expertise. So they set to work together to co-found Apart from his scientific research areas, Sang is also keen on language study, systematic theology and history.

Vincent Lo

Vincent graduated from the City University of Hong Kong with a BSc degree in Computer Studies. He has a keen interest in web development with multi-media information technology (IT). In fact, he has successfully built a website which serves as a focal point for all fans of Legend of Galactic Heroes. Apart from being a webmaster of, he has also organised various off-line activities for the fans. He has used his IT skills and knowledge in working for several organisations in education, government and commercial fields. Outside his full-time work, he also serves as a voluntary helper in the Christian fellowship groups in his church. Vincent has a strong desire to use his speciality skills in web development to facilitate good communication among people.

English / Spanish Language Advisor

Timothy Foulstone

Mr Timothy Foulstone holds a dual honours degree in Linguistics and Hispanic Studies from the University of Sheffield. He was born in England and more specifically he grew up in South Yorkshire. Apart from being a native speaker of British English, he is well versed in languages, in particular English and Spanish which are two of the most widely spoken languages in the world today. He is a real example of a bilingual person (if not trilingual or better). Being interested in Chinese culture and his commitment to sharing the Christian faith with the people of China, he also understands and is able to speak some Putonghua. In fact, he has already worked in mainland China teaching English to university students. With his impressive language capability, he has been invited by one of the co-founders (S. Lam) to give his help in the English and Spanish Language services of Wislant. Tim is married and he and his wife now have two children: a daughter aged 10 and a son who is 4 years of age. The whole family currently lives in Sheffield, England, UK.