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English Voice Conversation
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Spanish to English Writing Translation Service
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One-to-One Spanish Learning (internet-based)
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  • Simple pay-as-you-go English language service! (No contract and no pre-paid fee is needed.)
  • Submitted writing is proofread and corrected by a qualified native speaker* of English.
  • Your anonymity (i.e. one's individual identity not known to others) can be preserved with our internet-automated system. Nobody else knows through our system how good or bad your English is. (All submitted documented are uploaded directly to our system and are guarded with authentication security measures.)
  • The service is web-based and the system is user-friendly.
  • It is flexible and convenient and thus not limited by physical location. (It may be accessed from office, home, or anywhere with internet connection).
  • It can be an effective way for improving English language through writing based on Wislant's model of English language learning.

  * Currently, all the English language service work of Wislant is done by our native English speaking team including our founding English/Spanish language advisor Mr Timothy Foulstone. Tim is a native British English speaker and he has a double-major degree in linguistics and Hispanic studies from the University of Sheffield. His detailed profile can be found in the Founding Team page. Mr Timothy Foulstone

Proofreading Samples

English WritingOriginalProofread & Edited
LetterA letter as submittedPDFA letter proofread and editedPDF
DissertationA thesis chapterPDFA thesis chapter proofread and editedPDF
Assignment EssayA assignment essayPDFAn assignment essay proofread and editedPDF
Personal Statement (for scholarship application)A personal statement for scholarship applicationPDFA personal statement proofread and editedPDF