Useful Links

The following links are a list of selected websites which we consider useful for building up one's knowledge in various areas including English language.

Local (from Hong Kong)

Websites of RTHK (Radio Television Hong Kong) - (Hong Kong's counterpart of BBC)
  • RTHK English News
  • Hong Kong Today (morning current affairs radio programme in English)
  • TV Archive (with well-produced TV programmes including documentaries and current affairs etc.)
  • e-Learning (with various online learning resources including English language learning)

    South China Morning Post (an English-language newspaper locally produced in Hong Kong)

    The Shaw Prize (the oriental Nobel Prize)
  • Shaw Laureates

    Hong Kong Education City (government funded online platform with learning and teaching materials for primary and secondary schools)
  • English Campus

    Worldwide (outside Hong Kong)

    Websites of BBC (British Broadcast Corporation)
  • BBC News
  • BBC News - Asia-Pacific (news focusing on AP regions including China and Hong Kong)
  • Daily Service (with audio clips of short sermons and songs)
  • Thought for the Day (with both audio clips and the corresponding scripts)
    BBC Learning English Website (with very useful materials including audio clips and scripts)
  • Business English - English for telephone conversations, meetings, presentations and negotiations
  • English Pronunciation
  • Learning English with Chinese text in parallel
  • Take Away English
  • Crossword (an online game using English words)

    Online Bibles
  • Audio Bible in English (with audio clips of separate chapters for listening) - NIV and TNIV
  • BibleGateway (online searchable Bible in numerous languages and versions for convenient comparison)
  • New Chinese Version (in Chinese) - traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese

    Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary (for looking up a word and its usage examples online)
    Merriam-Webster Online (with etymology information and other features like an online thesaurus) (with excellent articles and free video lectures by Nobel Laureates)
  • The Nobel Prize (Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature, Peace, Economics)
    Articles - Physics Video Nobel Lectures - Physics
    Articles - Literature Video Nobel Lectures - Literature
    Articles - Economics Video Nobel Lectures - Economics

    MIT OpenCourseWare - free online course materials
  • Foreign Languages and Literature
  • Science, Technology, and Society
  • Most Visited Courses