Products & Services


In line with our aspiration to become a prominent knowledge hub, we have plans to make a variety of knowledge-related products in our own brand name Wislant. These products include multimedia self-learning materials in electronic form or later hardcopy books. Articles of clothing and other daily life items are also among these products serving as a medium for the knowledge dissemination of some key concepts or ideas. In fact, we are making our first product series of T-shirts with our latest design of original ideas printed on them. It also serves as a promotion campaign for Wislant's online language service, in particular the English language service. If you are interested in bulk purchases or in collaboration with us in the distribution, please feel free to send us an e-mail to or use the contact us form.


At this stage, we mainly provide an English language service, available online through our web-based pay-as-you-go language service system. However, we expect to expand our company and will offer other services in the near future for example the Spanish language services which are also web-based and coming soon. In the medium long term future, we may offer an English-to-Chinese translation service and at an even later stage a Chinese language service to people who are interested in learning Chinese as a foreign language. In the meantime, we are actively planning to offer other knowledge-related services such as workshops on topical areas of interest to the public with higher priority to our customers or members (as below).

Apart from providing knowledge-related services, we also expect to establish a membership system in the future; probably within a year. Each member will be given a free e-mail account and the free access to our online archived resources. There would also be discounts for members in using various services offered by Wislant.

Closely connected to our mission, we are also exploring to implement a web-based system to offer career-related services so that talents and skills can be channeled to appropriate places. We hope such a system would be of some use, especially in the current worldwide economic downturn.

Online Shop

In the near future, we may also introduce a small-scale online shop accepting orders or directly selling multimedia products not easily available or commonly found locally in Hong Kong, or even in the greater China region. These products are mainly in English and they include for example music CD’s, DVD movies and audio books etc. Of course, the online shop will also sell our own knowledge-related products.