A Quick User Guide

Essential Price Information
(English Proofreading and Editing - 5 working day service promise)

 200 words or belowthereafter5000 words or above
Full-Time StudentsHKD20.00 (minimum)HKD10.00 per 100 wordsA request for a quotation is highly recommended.

(A rising percentage discount may be offered.)
Part-Time StudentsHKD20.00 (minimum)HKD12.00 per 100 words
Working PeopleHKD25.00 (minimum)HKD15.00 per 100 words
Non-Profit OrganisationsHKD30.00 per 100 words (minimum HKD30.00)
CompaniesHKD50.00 per 100 words (minimum HKD50.00)

Please refer to the detailed price information and the exact amount payable can be calculated using our online fee calculator.

How to Use the Service

Step 1: Prepare your writing using word-processing software and count the number of words
  going to step 2  
Step 2: Calculate the payable amount based on the price scheme with the total number of words
  going to step 3  
Step 3: Make your payment by any of 4 methods to our Hang Seng Bank account (228-220216-883)
account number going to step 4 383-685088-883
Step 4: Submit your writing to our online system with your key contact & bank payment details
an automatic e-mail going to step 5 immediately generated
Step 5: Double-check your submission details in the acknowledgement e-mail sent from our system
within 5 working days going to step 6 after confirmed payment
Step 6: Document sent back via e-mail after the proofreading and editing work is done

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