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Thursday, 27 June 2019
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  1. ambush /ˈæmbʊʃ/ (noun)
    Togo's football team on a bus to the Africa Cup of Nations in Angola have been shot in an ambush in Angola's oil-rich territory of Cabinda.

  2. referendum /ˌrefəˈrendəm/ (noun)
    Icelandic Members of Parliament vote to hold a referendum on a controversial plan to repay foreign savers over the collapse of the Icesave bank.

  3. alert /əˈlɜːt/ (noun)
    Police arrest three people following a security alert on a plane bound for Dubai from London's Heathrow Airport.

  4. reinstatement /ˌriːɪnˈsteɪtmənt/ (noun)
    A judge orders the reinstatement of Argentina's central bank governor and blocks a plan to use reserves to pay debt.

  5. pull out (of) (phrasal verb)
    Togo pull out of the Africa Cup of Nations as the death toll from the gun attack on their team bus reportedly rises to three.

  6. devalue /ˌdiːˈvæljuː/ (verb)
    Venezuela will devalue its currency, the bolivar, by at least 17% against the US dollar to boost oil revenues.

  7. essential /ɪˈsenʃl/ (adjective)
    Flights are cancelled and people warned to stock up on enough essential supplies as heavy snow continues in Germany.

  8. breach /briːtʃ/ (verb)
    A man has been arrested for breaching security at Newark airport near New York after he kissed his girlfriend goodbye and sparked the closure of a busy terminal.

  9. majority /məˈdʒɒrəti/ (noun)
    US Senate majority leader Harry Reid apologizes for comments he made about Barack Obama before the 2008 presidential election.

  10. overtake /ˌəʊvəˈteɪk/ (verb)
    China’s exports rose 17.7% in December, suggesting that it has overtaken Germany as the world's largest exporter.

  11. carry out (phrasal verb)
    Police in Hong Kong arrest a man suspected of carrying out the latest in a series of acid attacks on busy shopping streets.

  12. torpedo /tɔːˈpiːdəʊ/ (verb)
    An Australian WWII hospital ship, the Centaur, is seen for the first time since it was torpedoed more than 60 years ago.

  13. dispute /dɪˈspjuːt/ (noun)
    More churches in Malaysia have been attacked, in a growing dispute over the use of the word Allah by non-Muslims.

  14. torture /ˈtɔːtʃə(r)/ (noun)
    A brother of the president of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been cleared of the torture of a business associate.

  15. misery /ˈmɪzəri/ (noun)
    More than 160 people are trapped in their cars on a German motorway as heavy snow continues to cause misery.

  16. imbalance /ˌɪmˈbælən s/ (noun)
    More than 24 million Chinese men could find themselves without spouses in 2020 as gender imbalance grows.

  17. flagship /ˈflægʃɪp/ (noun)
    A ban on Microsoft selling certain versions of its flagship products Word and Office begins, following a patent dispute.

  18. inundate /ˈɪnʌndeɪt/ (verb)
    Google is inundated with complaints from many of the first users of its Nexus One phone as they look for help with the smartphone.

  19. rule out (phrasal verb)
    Police in Hong Kong say that a man arrested after an acid attack on Saturday has been ruled out as a suspect.

  20. tomb /tuːm/ (noun)
    Tombs discovered near Egypt's great pyramids suggest that the pyramids were built by free workers rather than slaves.

  21. lambaste /læmˈbeɪst/ (verb)
    The Pope lambastes the failure by world leaders to agree to a new climate change treaty in Copenhagen last month.

  22. maiden /ˈmeɪdn/ (noun)
    The long-delayed Airbus A400M military transport aircraft finally takes to the skies on its maiden flight, but its future path remains under a cloud.

  23. determine /dɪˈtɜːmɪn/ (verb)
    The first US federal court case to determine whether states are allowed to ban same-sex marriages starts in California.

  24. brink /brɪŋk/ (noun)
    The British Chambers of Commerce say that the UK economy appears on the brink of exiting recession, but that weaknesses remain.

  25. acquit (of) /əˈkwɪt/ (verb)
    The US has called on the UAE to review a court verdict which acquitted its president’s brother of torture charges.

  26. surviving (adjective)
    The last surviving member of the group who helped hide Anne Frank from the Nazis dies in the Netherlands, aged 100.

  27. interceptor /ˌɪntəˈseptə(r)/ (noun)
    China says it has successfully tested a missile interceptor, after objecting to a US missile sale to Taiwan.

  28. cash in (on) (phrasal verb)
    Inspectors backed by soldiers shut some 70 shops in Venezuela accused of trying to cash in on the bolivar's devaluation.

  29. distinctive /dɪˈstɪŋktɪv/ (adjective)
    The genetic cause of the distinctive Shar-pei dog's wrinkled skin is explained by scientists studying pedigree breeds.

  30. ancient /ˈeɪnʃənt/ (adjective)
    An ancient map of the world, with China at its centre, has gone on display at the US Library of Congress in Washington.


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