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Thursday, 27 June 2019
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  1. step in (phrasal verb)
    China's central bank has stepped in to curb lending in its economy, raising the amount of money banks must hold back as reserves.

  2. exclusive /ɪkˈskluːsɪv/ (adjective)
    Italy is to open one of the world's first prisons for the exclusive use of transgender inmates.

  3. rubble /ˈrʌbl/ (noun)
    A major loss of life is feared in Haiti after a 7.3 earthquake hits, toppling buildings and leaving victims buried under rubble.

  4. access /ˈækses/ (verb)
    Internet giant Google says it may end operations in China after hackers tried to access the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists.

  5. mounting /ˈmaʊntɪŋ/ (adjective)
    Shares in the troubled carrier Japan Airlines continue to fall on mounting speculation that it will file for bankruptcy.

  6. shrink /ʃrɪŋk/ (verb)
    The Germany’s economy, which is the largest one in Europe and relies heavily on exports, shrank by 5% in 2009.

  7. symptom /ˈsɪmptəm/ (noun)
    Scientists from University College London report that Alzheimer's disease might be detected by a simple eye test before symptoms develop.

  8. devastation /ˌdevəˈsteɪʃn/ (noun)
    The extent of the devastation from a huge quake in Haiti emerges, with a number of UN peacekeepers among thousands feared dead.

  9. defuse /ˌdiːˈfjuːz/ (verb)
    Israel apologizes to Turkey in a bid to defuse a row over the treatment of Turkey's envoy in Tel Aviv.

  10. intrusion /ɪnˈtruːʒn/ (noun)
    The US says it is "troubled" by recent cyber intrusion on e-mail accounts of Chinese human rights activists as Google warns it may pull out of China.

  11. accelerate /əkˈseləreɪt/ (verb)
    Property prices in China accelerated in the past 18 months, renewing fears that an asset bubble is developing.

  12. response /rɪˈspɒns/ (noun)
    In its first response to the Google row, China has said that internet firms are welcome to do business in the country "according to the law".

  13. levy /ˈlevi/ (verb)
    US President Barack Obama unveils plans for a $117 billion fee to be levied on bailed-out banks, and criticizes their massive bonuses.

  14. cast /kɑːst/ (verb)
    Sales at US retailers see an unexpected fall in December, casting uncertainty over the recovery of the US economy.

  15. baffle /ˈbæfl/ (verb)
    Police in Hong Kong say they will charge a man over one of a series of acid attacks that has baffled investigators.

  16. trick /trɪk/ (noun)
    Hi-tech criminals are turning to tricks and scams from the early days of cyber crime to steal cash from smartphones.

  17. doomsday /ˈduːmzdeɪ/ (noun)
    The Doomsday Clock, a barometer of nuclear danger for 55 years, moves one minute back, standing at six minutes to the midnight hour.

  18. shrug off (phrasal verb)
    US chip maker Intel reports healthy quarterly figures as the personal computer market started shrugging off the effects of the economic downturn.

  19. devastating /ˈdevəsteɪtɪŋ/ (adjective)
    The Red Cross estimates 45,000-50,000 people have died in Haiti's devastating earthquake, as rescue efforts continue.

  20. in the wake of (idiom)
    The US is taking additional air security measures in the wake of last month's airliner bomb plot.

  21. desperate /ˈdespərət/ (adjective)
    Haiti is desperate for help after earthquake with the situation in Port-au-Prince at a critical point, lacking the fresh supplies of water, food and medical equipment.

  22. hamper /ˈhæmpə(r)/ (verb)
    Delays and infrastructure damage hamper the aid effort in Haiti as anger spreads among quake survivors spending another day without food and shelter.

  23. vulnerability /ˌvʌlnərəˈbɪlɪti/ (noun)
    Microsoft has admitted that vulnerability in its Internet Explorer browser was exploited in the recent cyber attacks on Google.

  24. relief /rɪˈliːf/ (noun)
    Technology services like Twitter, Facebook, and Ushahidi have taken a prime role in disaster relief in the wake of the Haiti earthquake.

  25. unimpressed /ˌʌnɪmˈprest/ (adjective)
    Wall Street bank JP Morgan Chase has reported profits of $3.3 billion for the fourth quarter of 2009, but investors appear unimpressed.

  26. annular /ˈænjuələ(r)/ (adjective)
    Thousands of people in Africa and Asia have witnessed what is known as an annular eclipse, with the longest duration of the millennium.

  27. pageant /ˈpædʒənt/ (noun)
    Organizers of the first Mr Gay China pageant say that police forced them to cancel the event, one hour before it was to open.

  28. humanitarian /hjuːˌmænɪˈteəriən/ (noun)
    The United Nations humanitarian chief announces an appeal for $562 million to help victims of the Haiti earthquake.

  29. distribution /ˌdɪstrɪˈbjuːʃn/ (noun)
    Security concerns rise in Haiti's capital as distribution problems continue to hamper the supply of aid to desperate quake survivors.

  30. fraudulent /ˈfrɔːdjələnt/ (adjective)
    Some online donations to help victims of the earthquake in Haiti are being wrongly blocked by banks as fraudulent.


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