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Thursday, 27 June 2019
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  1. reckless /ˈrekləs/ (adjective)
    Alibaba Group, Yahoo's partner in China, has called Yahoo "reckless" for supporting Google in its row with Beijing over alleged cyber-attacks.

  2. alternative /ɒlˈtɜːnətɪv/ (adjective)
    The German government warns web users to use an alternative browser to Internet Explorer to protect their information security.

  3. alter /ˈɒltə(r)/ (verb)
    A Spanish politician has complained that the US FBI used his photo for a digitally-altered image showing how Osama Bin Laden might look now, aged 52.

  4. synagogue /ˈsɪnəgɒg/ (noun)
    Pope Benedict XVI will pay a historic visit to Romeís main synagogue which is the spiritual home of the oldest Jewish community in the world outside Israel.

  5. overturn /ˌəʊvəˈtɜːn/ (verb)
    Ukrainians vote in their first presidential election since the Orange Revolution in 2004 when protests overturned the result.

  6. clog (with) /klɒg/ (verb)
    The delivery of aid to victims of Haiti's earthquake is being slowed by bottlenecks as the airport remains clogged with loaded planes.

  7. the Holocaust /ðəˈhɒləkɔːst/ (noun)
    On a visit to Romeís main synagogue, the Pope defends the Vatican against accusations of indifference during the Holocaust.

  8. frustrated /frʌsˈtreɪtɪd/ (adjective)
    UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon appeals to the frustrated Haitian people to be patient, as earthquake relief efforts slowly gather pace.

  9. outright /ˈaʊtraɪt/ (adverb)
    Exit polls in Ukraine suggest no candidate has won outright in presidential elections, the first since the 2004-2005 revolution.

  10. epic /ˈepɪk/ (noun)
    James Cameron's science-fiction epic Avatar wins two prizes at the Golden Globes, the first of 2010's major Hollywood awards.

  11. bolster /ˈbəʊlstə(r)/ (verb)
    The IMF head has warned countries not to exit from stimulus packages that have bolstered growth through huge amounts of government spending.

  12. troubled /ˈtrʌbl ̩d/ (adjective)
    Shares in the troubled Japan Airlines plunge to a record low of 5 yen (6 cents or 3 pence) before an expected bankruptcy filing.

  13. incumbent /ɪnˈkʌmbənt/ (adjective)
    Incumbent Viktor Yushchenko, the one-time hero of the Orange Revolution, is defeated in Ukraine's presidential election as his two main rivals progress to a second round.

  14. motive (for) /ˈməʊtɪv/ (noun)
    The man who shot Pope John Paul II in 1981 has been released from Turkish jail, but his motives for attempting to kill the Pope remain a mystery.

  15. echo /ˈekəʊ/ (verb)
    France echoes calls by the German government for web users to find an alternative to Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

  16. disarmament /dɪˈsɑːməmənt/ (noun)
    North Korea says it will not return to stalled international talks on its nuclear disarmament until sanctions are lifted.

  17. salvo /ˈsælvəʊ/ (noun)
    Nokia says it will defend itself after Apple launches the latest salvo in a legal debate between the firms.

  18. looting /ˈluːtɪŋ/ (noun)
    More than 2,000 US marines are set to arrive in Haiti, amid reports of violence and looting after a devastating earthquake.

  19. successor /səkˈsesə(r)/ (noun)
    Massachusetts holds a special US Senate election to choose a successor to the late Edward Kennedy.

  20. aviation /ˌeɪviˈeɪʃn/ (noun)
    Japanís flagship air carrier JAL has filed for bankruptcy protection, showing that aviation can be a very difficult industry.

  21. take over (phrasal verb)
    Britain's Cadbury is to be taken over by the US food company Kraft after its board approved a new bid of 840 pence a share.

  22. bribe /braɪb/ (noun)
    A former Supreme Court judge in China has been sentenced to life in prison for taking bribes and on other corruption charges.

  23. censorship /ˈsensəʃɪp/ (noun)
    Google says it has postponed the launch of two mobile phones in China following a dispute with the government over censorship of search engine results.

  24. anticipate /ænˈtɪsɪpeɪt/ (verb)
    Technology analysts anticipate that tablet computers are likely to be very popular in 2010 but solar power technology may struggle.

  25. glacier /ˈglæsiə(r)/ (noun)
    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has admitted a mistake in giving the wrong date for Himalayan glacier melt by 2035.

  26. lone /ləʊn/ (adjective)
    Eight people are reported to have been killed by a lone gunman in the US state of Virginia.

  27. flaw /flɔː/ (noun)
    Microsoft has released a patch for a security flaw in Internet Explorer that is thought to have been exploited by hackers in the recent cyber attacks on Google.

  28. eviction /ɪˈvɪkʃn/ (noun)
    China pulls the 2D version of Avatar from cinemas amid claims that the filmís plot mirrors forced land evictions in the country.

  29. filibuster /ˈfɪlɪbʌstə(r)/ (noun)
    On winning the key Senate seat of Massachusetts, the Republican Party is able to use procedural moves known as a filibuster to block US President Obama's healthcare bill.

  30. initiative /ɪˈnɪʃətɪv/ (noun)
    Britain has announced various initiatives to track terror suspects and strengthen airport security after the attempted Christmas Day bomb plot.


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