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Thursday, 27 June 2019
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  1. sunken /ˈsʌŋkən/ (adjective)
    South Korean divers search a sunken navy ship which was broken in two after a mysterious explosion, but find no sign of survivors.

  2. rebel /ˈrebl/ (noun)
    At least 38 people were killed in two suicide bomb attacks on the Metro system in Moscow, with the bombers believed to be linked to rebels from the North Caucasus.

  3. theft /θeft/ (noun)
    Four executives of British-Australian mining giant Rio Tinto are found guilty of bribery and commercial secrets theft by a court in China and are all handed lengthy jail terms.

  4. refinance /ˌriːˈfaɪnæns/ (noun)
    Greece has raised 5 billion euros from a sale of seven-year government bonds at an interest rate of 5.9% while it has to refinance about 20 billion euros of its debt by the end of May.

  5. stake /steɪk/ (noun)
    The US Treasury is preparing to sell its 27% stake in Citigroup which needed three government rescues in 2008 and 2009.

  6. endeavour /ɪnˈdevə(r)/ (noun)
    Europe's Large Hadron Collider (LHC), which is one of the biggest scientific endeavours ever undertaken, has achieved record-breaking high-energy particle collisions.

  7. hunt down (phrasal verb)
    Russia's leaders pledge to hunt down the masterminds behind the rush-hour double-suicide bombing on the Moscow Metro in which 38 people died.

  8. espionage /ˈespiənɑːʒ/ (noun)
    China and Australia exchange criticism in the wake of the jailing of four Rio Tinto executives for bribery and commercial espionage.

  9. ravage /ˈrævɪdʒ/ (verb)
    At a UN fundraising conference, the international community has pledged a total of $9.9 billion to help rebuild earthquake-ravaged Haiti.

  10. offshore /ˌɒfˈʃɔː(r)/ (adjective)
    US President Obama proposes ending a decades-old ban on offshore oil drilling, in a bid to cut the countrys dependence on foreign oil.


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